Stunning Hawaiian Black Coral Jewelry

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A traceable history of sustainable harvest

We offer a fine selection of unique handcrafted jewelry made from authentic Hawaiian Black Coral; direct from the divers. See our selection of fine black coral jewelry. We now also offer our black coral jewelry set in 14K gold.

As  well as our black coral jewelry, we feature Charms of Aloha, hand made on Maui, compatible with most charm bracelets. We also carry black Tahitian pearls from local designer, Mark Kane.

Featuring Now

When on Maui, don’t forget to visit us at our new store: 708 Front Street Lahaina, HI 96761 – one block from the banyan tree! One-of-a-kind handmade pieces by Victoria are ONLY available at our store!

Black Coral From Hawaii's Deep Blue Waters

The Au’au channel between Maui and Lanai possesses an 8 mile vein that includes some of the richest black coral beds in the world. The coral grows into lacy underwater trees. The “trees” are the skeletons of polyps that form huge colonies (coral is scientifically classified as an animal).

When most people think of coral reefs, they think of shallow water tropical reefs. However, corals are not restricted to tropical reefs, coral grows in many types of sea floor habitats ranging from the shallows to the abyss.

90% of black coral sold in Hawaii originates in the Philippines and is shipped through Taiwan. Most of this product is in the form of black beads in necklaces and bracelets; small amounts of cabochons are also imported. The primary species for these productions is cirrhipathes anguina, popularly known as whip coral, which is found at the shallower depths than species of antipathes. The quality of black coral jewelry produced from C. Anguina is inferior to products fashioned from A. Dichotoma and A. Grandis because it is of lower density and the jewelry does not maintain a high luster after several years. Thanks to the swift Lahaina currents, the pristine waters, the depth and the warm temperatures, the coral in Hawaii grows as hard as ivory and mostly free of larvae and organisms, increasing its value.

In 1987 black coral was designated the official “state gem.”

About The Company

Aulani Jewelry LLC, named after local deep sea diver Robin Lee’s boat, is know in Maui for being one of the only places carrying genuine black coral jewelry.

Aulani divers supplied one of Hawaii’s largest jewelry stores for many years until Robin’s sudden passing in 2012 when his wife and other two diving partners voluntary decided to shut down operations from Aulani’s boat.

Robin saved the best pieces of black coral for his wife Victoria, who stills run their unique shop in Front Street.

Victoria has a local lapidarist who hand-tools the gem for her one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.  Also available at the shop are Tahitian Pearls by local artist Mark Kane, who only uses pearls with the most beautiful color and luster, made and designed in Maui by Cathleen Bunt, Charms of Aloha.