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My name is Victoria Lee and I am married to Robin Lee a master black coral diver and a well known local fisherman thanks to whom I am able to tell you about this beautiful gem.

The name of my company is Aulani it is as well the name of our daughter and our boat; the only boat in the whole U.S. that harvest black coral. Robin has been wholesaling raw black coral for over 30 years to the largest jewelry manufacturer in Hawaii.

Aulani's crew is a tight-knit handful of independent Maui divers all aware of the hazards of the deep sea; many partners have perished or became so injured they're not able to dive, even Robin has done his own time, spending 2 weeks in a coma; and using a wheelchair for six months. But there is a special pride among them that keeps them diving. These brave partners and friends have been featured in National Geographic, Thalassa (European Television) and several magazines and newspapers.

Aulani's divers only spend a few months to fill their quota in contrast to ravaged coral resources in other parts of the world. They follow strict size regulations to provide the resource with the protection it needs to keep the fishery sustainable; they assist the Western Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Council; State and Federal scientists and Richard Grigg, University of Hawaii professor of Marine Biology who has been monitoring Hawaii's black coral since the early 1970s.



Robin and Aulani Lee

The Boat Aulani



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